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2022-05-28 18:16:38 By : Ms. Tracy Lim

The all new GTB 2 Sportsman Racing Brushless ESC (#1709) is now available paired with the SS Pro Brushless Motor. The GTB 2 BL Traxxas® Compatible Systems – 8.5 &17.5 (#3092 & #3093) are paired specifically for Traxxas® customers. These systems are affordable, “Plug & Play” combos ideal for racing in Traxxas® vehicles. The new GTB 2 Brushless combos are equipped with a high-current handling, Traxxas®-compatible battery connector for easy, race-ready installation. In other words, no soldering! To simplify installation further, the systems include gold-plated bullet motor plugs, which eliminate tricky wiring and allow for easy plugging and unplugging.

The GTB 2 Traxxas BL Systems are available in two motor turns; the 8.5T / 5000Kv System (#3092) includes the fastest of the Novak SS Pro-Series brushless motors. It is also a great choice for all-around bashing and speed runs. The 17.5T / 2200Kv System (#3093) is perfect for Zero-Timing Spec classes. They are ROAR approved for use in Spec and Sportsman classes at drivers’ local tracks. The SS Pro sensored motors have a nickel-plated sintered Neodymium rotor and Thermal Overload technology; they feature a shielded-sensor cable and a rebuildable design, allowing for replacement of various motor parts like rotors and bearings. These systems are well-suited for 2WD applications, but will work in virtually all popular 2wd and 4wd Traxxas® Vehicles, including the Stampede™, Slash™, Rustler™ and Bandit™.


Novak has been manufacturing quality speed controls since 1982 and brushless car motors since 2004 – longer than any other manufacturer in the industry. Not only are Novak brushless systems compatible with Traxxas® applications, but they help the vehicle run at its full potential. As compared to the Traxxas® Velineon™ Brushless System, the Novak GTB 2 Sportsman Brushless Systems have many advantages including superior transistor technology for increased performance and a sensor-based design for optimal drivability. They are compact and lightweight, and have numerous on-board adjustments and diagnostic ability at an affordable price.

Upgrading to Novak’s brushless performance will give drivers a reliable, serviceable system with staying power for fast applications straight out of the box. Using the included Traxxas® stock gear and batteries, the GTB 2 Brushless Traxxas® Systems can provide a 20-40% speed and power increase, and all with easy, “Plug and Play” installation. All speed controls are backed by a 120-day warranty and Novak’s leading customer service. Look no further, and put a Novak brushless system in your Traxxas® today!

Please visit the Novak website for a Traxxas®/Novak side-by-side system comparison, as well as more information on the GTB 2 BL Traxxas® Compatible Systems – 8.5 &17.5 (#3092 & #3093).

The GTB 2 Sportsman BL Systems – TRA 8.5T (#3092) & 17.5T (#3093) will be available in April 2011.

Novak’s GTB 2 Sportsman Racing Brushless ESC (#1709) has proven to be the ideal balance between functionality and affordability among Sportsman level controllers. The Ballistic 550 Brushless Motor – 4.5T (#3504) has also established popularity as fast, high torque motors, perfect for short course racing. Team Novak is proud to offer an all new system specifically developed for the Traxxas® Slash™ 4WD and Stampede™ 4WD with an economical price. The GTB 2 / Ballistic 550 Traxxas® 4WD Combo – 4.5T (#3098) is sure to please any driver looking for cutting edge design for their Traxxas® vehicle without breaking the bank!

The GTB 2 / Ballistic 550 Traxxas® 4WD Brushless Combo includes two of Novak’s premiere products . The GTB 2 has a user-friendly One-Touch Programming Interface. This recently released Novak ESC has multiple adjustable parameters, and is sensor-based for excellent torque and low-speed drivability. Team Novak’s Ballistic 550 Sensored Brushless Motor (#3504) delivers the highest performance in short course and 4WD racing. The Ballistic 550s are powerful because of their extra long stator and rotor magnet. In fact, the stator and rotor magnet are twice the length of 540-sized motors, giving them twice the torque of an equivalent 540 motor. These 550 motors are not only the longest and best performing in the industry, but also serve as the standard for 4WD short course trucks. For racers looking for more motor power than they could ever want, the Novak Ballistic 550 motor is the best choice on the market.


The newest system to include Novak’s Ballistic 550 motors offers an inexpensive short course option for Traxxas® applications. This combo is particularly ideal for the Slash 4×4™. Why upgrade to a Novak Brushless System? Not all Brushless is created equal! Novak has been manufacturing quality products for over thirty years, and the products are proof of that. The GTB 2 / Ballistic 550 System is sensored and delivers unmatched performance and unparalleled power output.

Using the included Traxxas® stock gear and batteries, this combo can provide a 20-40% speed and power increase, and all with easy, “Plug and Play” installation. This system will help Traxxas® vehicles run at their full potential! It is compatible with all popular Traxxas® 4WD applications such as the Slash™ and Stampede™.

The system comes with a Traxxas®-compatible battery connector and bullet plugs to make installing your new system in Traxxas® set-ups a breeze. It also includes a Traxxas® mounting plate and 32-Pitch gear at no extra charge. Drivers owning other brands and trucks such as the Jammin© SCRT 10™, OFNA© SCRT™, Associated© SC10 4×4™, or many other popular 4×4 Short Course Trucks will also enjoy this system for its ideal compatibility and feature packed design. Upgrade to Novak Brushless power straight out of the box!

Please visit the Novak website for a Traxxas®/Novak side-by-side comparison and full features for the GTB 2 / Ballistic 550 Traxxas® 4WD Brushless Combo – 4.5T (#3098). The system will be available in April 2011.

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