U.S. Gold Jewelry Demand Down 6% in Q3 | National Jeweler

2022-11-11 04:38:03 By : Ms. Carol Wen

U.S. Gold Jewelry Demand Down 6% in Q3

But it was still higher than the five-year average prior to the COVID pandemic, the World Gold Council said in a recent report. Women Necklace Design

U.S. Gold Jewelry Demand Down 6% in Q3 | National Jeweler

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The 5.53-carat fancy vivid blue diamond was the first of eight rare stones Sotheby’s will offer through 2023.

The company opened five stores in the United States in the second quarter as it continues growing its footprint.

From laboratory-grown diamonds to design to country-of-origin, GIA's Alumni Collective™ has a seminar to suite your needs.

National Jeweler hosts two retailers and an insurance expert to talk about what jewelers facing these challenges in the future should know.

Featuring 57 carats of colored gemstones, it makes the whole place shimmer.

Author Vikki Tobak chatted with Senior Editor Ashley Davis about iconic jewelry tropes and what they say about hip-hop’s place in society.

Give your customers the best diamond buying experience this holiday season.

Estimated to sell for $25 million-$35 million, the 18.18-carat fancy vivid pink diamond went for $28.8 million.

Join experts Orasa Weldon, Danny Sanchez, and Jeff Mason on Tuesday, Nov. 15.

Jewelers of America and Diamond Council of America have organized the fundraiser and extended the deadline for relief requests and contributions to Nov. 11.

Announced during its Q3 earnings call, Pandora also spoke on its new lab-grown diamond jewelry line.

The jewelry company is now selling lab-grown diamonds loose and set in engagement rings.

It’s not too late to market Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to kick off a fabulous holiday season, writes Emmanuel Raheb.

Set to roll out in early 2023, it will enable verification of up to 3,600 diamonds per hour for stones as small as 0.001 carats.

L.J. West Diamonds has collaborated with the Melbourne Museum to mount an exhibition of the rarest stones from the now-closed Argyle mine.

The star speaker at next year’s Conclave will be tennis legend Andre Agassi.

It’s scheduled for Nov. 14-20 at various venues around the city and online.

Antoine Borde joins Lightbox from French food company Danone Group, succeeding Steve Coe.

Sotheby’s estimates the piece, pulled from the sunken Nuestra Señora de Atocha, could sell for $50,000-$70,000.

Plus, how inflation and winter weather could impact holiday spending.

It’s a chic and timeless new addition to the brand’s collection.

The fine jewelry brand has launched a special collection in honor of its anniversary.

Many stores share a name with their owner, but these retailers looked elsewhere for inspiration, from ancient Egypt to the heavens.

It features Scarlett Johansson and Henry Golding, the brand’s first celebrity brand ambassador duo, in an iconic New York location.

GIA President and CEO Susan Jacques and Jewelers Mutual Group COO Mike Alexander are among the members of the Class of 2022.

Senior Editor, Gemstones, Brecken Branstrator shares takeaways from her second trip to Tanzania and Kenya.

U.S. Gold Jewelry Demand Down 6% in Q3 | National Jeweler

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